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Name of Movie Type Time Star By Rated
2010 Sci-Fi 114 min Roy Scheider MGM/UA PG
101 Dalmatians kids 103 min Glenn Close Walt Disney G
101 Dalmations kids 103 min Joan Plowright Walt Disney G
12 Monkeys Sci-Fi 130 min Bruce Willis-Brad Pitt Universal R
2 Days in the Valley       Laser Disk  
2 Fast 2 Furious Action 108 min Paul Walker Universal PG-13
2001: a space odyssey Sci-fi 139 min Keir Dullea-Gary Lockwood MGM/UA G
28 Days Later Horror 113 min   20th Century R
44 Minutes Action 85 min Michael Madsen 20th Century R
50 First Dates Comedy 99 min Adam Sandler - Drew Barrymore Columbia Tristar PG-13
8mm Drama/Action 123 min Nicolas Cage Columbia Tristar R
A Bright Shining lie Drama/War 118 min Bill Paxton HBO Home Video R
A Bug's Life Cartoon 95 min Cartoon Walt Disney G
A Christmas Story kids 98 min Melinda Dillon MGM/UA PG
A Civil Action Drama 115 min John Travolta Paramount PG-13
A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm kids 30 min Kidsongs Image Entertainment Not Rated
A Fistful of Dollars       Laser Disk  
A Kid in King Arthur's Court       Laser Disk  
A Simple Wish Kids 90 min Martin Short Universal PG
A Tale of Two Sisters Foreign Movie   Yeom Jeong-A Star Record Not Rated
A Thousand Acres Drama 106 min Michelle Pfeiffer-Jessica Lange PolyGram R
A Time To Kill Drama/Action 150 min Sandra Bullock Warner Home Video R
Abraxas Sci-Fi 90 min Jesse "The Body" Ventura Simitar Not Rated
Absolute Power Action 121 min Clint Eastwood Warner Home Video R
Ace Ventura Pet Detective       Laser Disk  
Ace Ventura When Nature Calls       Laser Disk  
Addams Family Values       Laser Disk  
After the Sunset Action 98 min Pierce Brosnan - Woody Harrelson New Line Home Video PG-13
Against the Ropes Drama 110 min Meg Ryan Paramount PG-13
Agent Cody Banks kids 102 min Frankie Muniz - Hilary Duff MGM/UA PG
Air America Action 113 min Mel Gibson Live Entertainment R
Air Force One Action 125 min Harrison Ford Columbia Tristar R
Airport 1975 Action 106 min Efrem Zimbalist-Roy Thinnes Goodtimes PG
Airport '77 Action 114 min Jack Lemmon-George Kennedy Goodtimes Not Rated
Aladdin Cartoon 90 min   Walt Disney G
Alien       Laser Disk  
Alien 3       Laser Disk  
Alien Resurrection       Laser Disk  
Alien vs. Predator Sci-Fi 100 min Various 20th Century PG-13
Aliens       Laser Disk  
All Dogs go to Heaven Cartoon 85 min   MGM/UA G
Along Came Polly Drama/Love 91 min Ben Stiller - Jennifer Aniston Universal PG-13
American Graffiti Comedy 112 min Ron Howard Universal PG
American Street Fighter I & II Action 80 min Not Listed Simitar Not Rated
An American Werewolf in London Horror 90 min David Naughton Live Entertainment R
An American Werewolf in Paris Horror 98 min Tom Everett Scott/Julie Delpy Buena Vista R
An Occasional Hell Action 93 min Tom Berenger Trimark R
Anaconda       Laser Disk  
Anastasia kids 50 min Cartoon The Family Room Not Rated
Anchorman Comedy 98 min Will Ferrell DreamWorks Not Rated
Anger Management comedy 106 min Adam Sandler - Jack Nicholson Trimark PG-13
Animal House Comedy 109 min John Belushi-Donald Sutherland Universal R
Antz Cartoon 83 min Cartoon DreamWorks PG
Apollo 13       Laser Disk  
APT Pupil Drama 112 min Ian McKellen-Brad Renfro Columbia Tristar R
Arachnophobia Sci-Fi 110 min Jeff Daniels/John Goodman Amblin Ent PG-13
Are We There Yet? comedy 95 min Ice Cube Columbia Tristar PG
Armageddon Sci-Fi 151 min Bruce Willis- Billy Bob Thornton Touchstone PG-13
Army of Darkness Horror 81 min Bruce Campbell Universal R
Around the world in 80 Days Comedy 120 min Jackie Chan Disney PG
Artificial Intelligence Sci-Fi 145 min Jude Law - Haley Joel Osment Warner Home Video PG-13
As Good As It Gets Drama/Love 139 min Jack Nicholson Columbia Tristar PG-13
Assault on Precinct 13 Action 109 min Ethan Hawke-Laurence Fishbrne Universal R
Asteroid Sci-Fi 120 min Michael Biehn-Annabella Sciorra Artisan Ent. Not Rated
At First Sight Drama/Love 129 min Val Kilmer-Mira Sorvino MGM/UA PG-13
Aurora Educational 40 min None Sky River Films Not Rated
Austin Powers       Laser Disk  
Austin Powers The Spy who Shagged Me Comedy Unlisted Mike Myers New Line Home Video PG-13
Avenging Angelo Action 98 min Stallone Sylvester/Madeleine Stowe Columbia Tristar R
Baby Geniuses Comedy 95 min Kathleen Turner - Christopher Lloyd Columbia Tristar PG
Back to the Future        Laser Disk  
Back to the Future II       Laser Disk  
Back to the Future III       Laser Disk  
BackDraft       Laser Disk  
Bad Boys       Laser Disk  
Bad Company Action 117 min Antony Hopkins- Chris Rock Touchstone PG-13
Bad Santa Comedy 91 min Billy Bob Thornton - Lauren Graham Dimension R
Barbie / Nutcracker kids 78 min Cartoon Family Home Ent Not Rated
Basic Action 99 min John Travolta - Samuel Jackson Columbia Tristar R
Batman Action 126 min Jack Nicholson-Michael Keaton Warner Home Video PG-13
Batman       Laser Disk  
Batman & Robin Action 125 min George Cooney-Chris O'Donnell Warner Home Video PG-13
Batman Begins Sci-Fi 140 min Christian Bale Warner Home Video PG-13
Batman Forever Action 122 min Val Kilmer-Nicole Kidman Warner Home Video PG-13
Batman forever       Laser Disk  
Batman Returns       Laser Disk  
Batman, The Movie Comedy 105 min Adam West - Burt Ward 20th Century PG
Batman-Retruns Action 126 min Michael Keaton-Michelle Pfeiffer Warner Home Video PG-13
Battlefield Earth Sci-Fi 119 min John Travolta Warner Home Video PG-13
Battlestar Galactica Sci-fi 125 min Richard Hatch - Dirk Benedict Universal PG
Bean the Movie Comedy 91 min Rowan Atkinson Polygram Video PG-13
Beauty and the Beast Cartoon 71 min Not Listed Walt Disney Not Rated
Beavis & Butt-Head Cartoon 50 min Beavis & Butt-Head Sony Music Not Rated
Beethoven Comedy 87 min Dean Jones-Bonnie Hunt Universal PG
Beethoven's 2nd kids 89 min Charles Grodin-Bonnie Hunt Universal PG
BeetleJuice Comedy 92 min Michael Keaton Warner Home Video PG
Behind Enemy Lines Action 105 min Owen Wilson - Gene Hackman 20th Century PG-13
Best Loved Duets Gold Tip Top Karaoke     Laser Disk  
Beverly Hills Ninja       Laser Disk  
Bewitched Comedy 102 min Nacole Kidman - Will Ferrell Columbia Tristar PG-13
Bicentennial Man Sci-Fi 131 min Robin Williams Touchstone PG
Big Daddy Comedy 93 min Adam Sandler Columbia Tristar PG-13
Big Fat Liar Comedy 128 min Frankie Muniz - Amanda Bynes Warner Home Video PG
Big Fish Comedy 125 min Ewan McGregor Columbia Tristar PG-13
Billy Madison Comedy 90 min Adam Sandler Universal PG-13
Black Cadillac Sci-Fi 92 min Randy Quaid First Look R
Black Dog Action 89 min Randy Travis-Meat Loaf Universal PG-13
Black Hawk Down Action 144 min Josh Hartnett Columbia Tristar R
Blade Action 120 min Wesley Snipes New Line Home Video R
Blade II Sci-Fi 117 min Wesley Snipes New Line Home Video R
Blade Runner Action/Sci-Fi 117 min Harrison Ford Warner Home Video R
Blade Trinity Sci-Fi 123 min Wesley Snipes New Line Home Video R
Blankman       Laser Disk  
Blazing Saddles Western 93 min Gene Wilder-Cleavon Little Warner Home Video R
Bless the Child Sci-Fi 107 min Kim Basinger Paramount R
Blown Away       Laser Disk  
Blue Thunder Action 109 min Roy Scheider Columbia Tristar R
Blues Brothers 2000 Musical 124 min Dan Aykroyd-John Goodman Universal PG-13
Blue's Clues - Blue's Big Musical movie Cartoon 78 min   Paramount G
Bobocop 3       Laser Disk  
Body Heat Drama 113 min William Hurt-Kathleen Turner Warner Home Video R
Boogeyman Sci-Fi 89 min Barry Watson - Emily Deschanel Sony Pictures PG-13
Boppin with the Biggles kids 30 min Kidsongs Image Entertainment Not Rated
Born in East L.A. Comedy 84 min Cheech Martin Goodtimes Not Rated
Born on the 4th of July Drama 145 min Tom Cruise Universal R
Bound Drama 109 min Jennifer Tilly-Gina Gershon Republic Pictures Not Rated
Brainstorm Sci-Fi 106 min Christopher Walken MGM/UA PG
Bravo Karaoke 1 Musical Unknown Not Listed Glory Star Not Rated
Bravo Karaoke 2 Musical Unknown Not Listed Glory Star Not Rated
Bravo Karaoke 3 Musical Unknown Not Listed Glory Star Not Rated
Bravo Karaoke 4 Musical Unknown Not Listed Glory Star Not Rated
Brazil Sci-Fi 131 min Robert DeNiro Universal R
Breeders Sci-Fi 93 min Todd Jensen Simitar R
Brewsters Millions Comedy 102 min Richard Pryor-John Candy Goodtimes Not Rated
Bride of Chucky Horror 89 min Jennifer Tilly Universal R
Bring it On Musical 99 min Kirsten Dunst Universal PG-13
Bring it on again Musical 130 min Anne Judson-Yager - Bree Turner Universal PG-13
Bringing down the House Comedy 105 min Steve Martin - Queen Latifah Touchstone PG-13
Bronco Billy       Laser Disk  
Brother Bear Cartoon 85 min   Walt Disney G
Bruce Almighty Comedy 102 min Jim Carrey Universal PG-13
Buck Privates Comedy 84 min Abbott & Costello Universal Not Rated
Buck Privates-Come Home Comedy 77 min Abbott & Costello Universal Not Rated
Bulletproof Action 85 min Damon Wayans-Adam Sandler Universal R
Bulletproof Monk Action 104 min Chow Yun-Fat / Seann Scott MGM/UA PG-13
Bulworth Drama/Comedy 108 min Warren Beatty 20th Century R
Caddyshack Comedy 99 min Chevy Chase-Bill Murray Warner Home Video R
Candyman Horror 98 min Virginia Madsen Columbia Tristar R
Candyman       Laser Disk  
Capricorn One Sci-Fi 123 min Elliott Gould-O.J. Simpson Live Entertainment R
Car Wash Comedy 96 min Richard Pryor Goodtimes PG
Carrie Horror 98 min Sissy Spacek-John Travolta MGM/UA R
Cartoon Crazys Cartoon 100 min Cartoon WinStar Not Rated
Casper       Laser Disk  
Casper meets Wendy kids 94 min Hilary Duff 20th Century PG
Casper's haunted Christmas Cartoon 84 min   Universal G
Castle Freak Horror Unknown Jeffrey Combs Full Moon R
Cat People Sci-Fi 119 min Nastassia Kinski Universal R
Catch Me if you Can Drama 141 min Leonardo DiCaprio DreamWorks PG-13
Catwoman Sci-Fi 104 min Halle Berry Warner Home Video PG-13
Caught up Action 98 min Bokeem Woodbine Artisan Ent. R
Cellular Action 95 min Kim Basinger-Chris Evans New Line Home Video PG-13
Chairman of the Board Comedy 95 min Carrot Top Trimark PG-13
Changing Lanes Action 98 min Ben Affleck - Samuel L. Jackson Paramount R
Charlie's Angels Action 105 min Cameron Diaz-Drew Barrymore Columbia Tristar PG-13
Cheaper by the Dozen Comedy 98 min Steve Martin 20th Century PG
Children's Party Time Sing-Along Foreign Movie   VCD Sing-Along Not Rated
Child's Play 2 Horror 84 min Alex Vincent Universal R
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang kids 145 min Dick Van Dyke MGM/UA G
Christmas Vacation Comedy 97 min Chevy Chase Warner Home Video PG-13
Christmas with the Kranks Comedy 99 min Tim Allen - Jamie Lee Curtis Columbia Tristar PG
Cinderella Man Drama 145 min Russell Crowe - Renee Zellweger Universal PG-13
Circle of Friends Drama/Love 102 min Minnie Driver-Chris O'Donnell HBO Home Video PG-13
City of Angels Drama/Love 114 min Nicolas Cage-Meg Ryan Warner Home Video PG-13
Clash of the Titans Foreign Movie   Harry Hamlin MGM/UA Not Rated
Class of Nuke'em High Horror Unknown Not Listed Troma team video Not Rated
Cliffhanger Action 113 min Sylvester Stallone Columbia Tristar R
Clifford       Laser Disk  
Clockstoppers Action 93 min Joathan Frankes Paramount PG
Club Dread Comedy 104 min   20th Century R
Coach Carter Drama 136 min Samuel L. Jackson Paramount PG-13
Code 46 Sci-Fi 93 min Tim Robbins - Samantha Morton MGM/UA R
Cold Creek Manor Thriller 119 min Dennis Quaid - Sharon Stone Touchstone R
Cold Mountain Drama 154 min Jude Law - Nicole Kidman Miramax Dimension R
Collateral Action 120 min Tom Cruise - Jamie Foxx Paramount R
Commando       Laser Disk  
Con Air       Laser Disk  
Conan The Barbarian       Laser Disk  
Conan the Destroyer       Laser Disk  
Congo       Laser Disk  
Conspiracy Theory Action 135 min Mel Gibson-Julia Roberts Warner Home Video R
Constantine Sci-Fi 121 min Keanu Reeves Warner Home Video R
Contact Sci-Fi 150 min Jodie Foster Warner Home Video PG
Cop Land Drama/Action 105 min Sylvester Stallone Woods Entertainment R
Copy Cat       Laser Disk  
Country Sing-Along kids   Kidsongs Image Entertainment Not Rated
Crash Thriller 122 min Sandra Bullock Lions Gate R
Critical Care Comedy 109 min James Spader-Kyra Sedgwick Live Entertainment R
Cross Worlds Sci-Fi 91 min Ruther Hauer Trimark PG-13
Cursed Horror 99 min Christina Ricci - Joshua Jackson Dimension Un-Rated
Cutthroat Island       Laser Disk  
Cyborg Action/Sci-Fi 86 min Jean-Claude Van Damme MGM/UA R
Cyborg       Laser Disk  
Daddy Day Care Comedy   Eddie Murphy Columbia Tristar PG
DareDevil Action 103 min Ben Affleck - Jennifer Garner 20th Century PG-13
Dark Blue Action 118 min Kurt Russell MGM/UA R
Dark City Sci-fi 96 min Rufus Swewll-Kiefer Sutherland New Line Home Video R
Dark Planet Sci-Fi 96 min Paul Mercurio Simitar R
Dark Water Horror 103 min Jennifer Connelly Touchstone Un-Rated
Darkman Action 96 min Colin Friels-Larry Drake Universal R
Darkman II       Laser Disk  
Darkness Horror 102 min Anna Paquin - Lena Olin Dimension Un-Rated
Darkness Falls Horror 86 min Chaney Kley Columbia Tristar PG-13
Das Boot Action 209 min Jurgen Prochnow Columbia Tristar R
Dave Comedy 110 min Kevin Kline-Sigourney Weaver Warner Home Video PG-13
Dawn of the Dead Horror 137 min David Emge-Ken Foree Anchor Bay Not Rated
Dawn of the Dead Horror 101 min Sarah Polley - Ving Rhames Universal R
Day of the Dead Horror 102 min Lori Cardille Anchor Bay R
Dead Presidents       Laser Disk  
Deadman on Campus Comedy 94 min Tom Everett Scott Paramount R
Death Becomes Her Comedy/Sci-fi 103 min Medryl Streep-Bruce Willis Universal PG-13
Death Race 2000 Action 78 min Sylvester Stallone Digital Multimedia R
Death Warrant       Laser Disk  
Death Wish Action 95 min Charles Bronson Trimark R
Deep Blue Sea Sci-fi 105 min Thomas Jane-Samuel Jackson Warner Home Video R
Deep Impact Sci-Fi 121 min Robert Duvall-Tea Leoni Paramount PG-13
Deep Impact Sci-Fi 121 min Robert Duvall Paramount PG-13
Deep Rising Action 106 min Treat Williams-Famke Janssen Hollywood Pic R
Demolition Man Action/Sci-Fi 115 min Sylvester Stallone Warner Home Video R
Demolition Man       Laser Disk  
Demon Knight Horror 92 min Billy Zane Universal R
Demons Horror 88 min Urbano Barberini Anchor Bay Not Rated
Demons 2 Horror 91 min David Knight-Nancy Brilli Anchor Bay Not Rated
Desperate Measures Action 101 min Michael Keaton-Andy Garcia Columbia Tristar R
Devil's Advocate Drama/Sci-Fi 144 min Keanu Reeves-Al Pacino Warner Home Video R
Diamonds are Forever       Laser Disk  
Die Another Day 007 Action 132 min Pierce Brosnan MGM/UA PG-13
Die Hard        Laser Disk  
Die Hard 2 - Die Harder       Laser Disk  
Die Hard with a Vengeance       Laser Disk  
Dinosaur Cartoon 82 min   Walt Disney PG
Dirty Dancing Drama/Love 105 min Patrick Swayze-Jennifer Grey Live Entertainment PG-13
Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights Musical 105 min   Lions Gate PG-13
Dirty Harry         Laser Disk  
Dirty Harry - The Enforcer       Laser Disk  
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Comedy 110 min Steve Martin-Michael Caine Orion Home Video PG
Dirty War Sci-Fi 90 min   HBO Home Video Not Rated
Disturbing Behavior Drama 84 min James Marsden-Katie Holmes MGM/UA R
Dodge Ball Comedy 92 min Vaughn - Stiller 20th Century PG-13
Dog Day Afternoon Action 124 min Al Pacino Warner Home Video R
Donnie Darko Sci-Fi 113 min Drew Barrymore 20th Century R
Doom Action   The Rock COPY ONLY  
Double Dragon       Laser Disk  
Double Team Action 93 min VanDamme-Rodman-Rourke Columbia Tristar R
Dr. Giggles Horror 95 min Larry Drake Goodtimes Not Rated
Dragon Ball Z Cartoon Unknown Cartoon Pioneer Not Rated
Dragon Fist Action Unknown Jackie Chan Alpha Film Not Rated
Dragon Heart Sci-fi 103 min Dennis Quaid-Sean Connery Universal PG-13
DragonFly Drama 105 min Kevin Costner Universal PG-13
Dream Catcher Sci-Fi 134 min Morgan Freeman Warner Home Video R
Driving Miss Daisy comedy 99 min Morgan Freeman-Jessica Tandy Warner Home Video PG
Dukes of Hazzard Comedy 104 min Johnny Knoxville - Jessica Simpson Warner Home Video PG-13
Dumb and Dumber       Laser Disk  
Dune Sci-Fi 137 min Kyle Maclachlan Universal PG-13
DVD Demo Info 60 min Information only Simitar Not Rated
E.T. Sci-Fi 121 min Drew Barrymore Universal PG
Earthlight Musical 80 min NONE Mill Reef Not Rated
Earthquake Sci-fi 123 min Charlton Heston Goodtimes Not Rated
Edward Scissorhands Sci-Fi 105 min Johnny Deep - Winona Ryder 20th Century PG-13
Elektra Action 96 min Jennifer Garner 20th Century PG-13
Elf Comedy 98 min Will Ferrell - Bob Newhart New Line Home Video PG
Elvis: That's the Way it is Musical 109 min Elvis Presley MGM/UA G
Encino Man       Laser Disk  
End Of Days Action 123 min Arnold Schwarzenegger Universal R
Enemy of the State Action 132 min Will Smith/Gene Hackman Touchstone R
Enter the Dragaon Action 102 min Bruce Lee Warner Home Video R
Equilibrum Action 107 min Christian Bale Dimension R
Eraser       Laser Disk  
Ernest Goes to Jail       Laser Disk  
Escape from L.A.       Laser Disk  
Escape from New York       Laser Disk  
Event Horizon Sci-Fi 97 min Sam Neill-Dathleen Quinlan Paramount R
Every Which Way But Loose       Laser Disk  
Eve's Bayou Drama 108 min Samuel L. Jackson Columbia Tristar R
Evolution Sci-Fi 102 min David Duchovny DreamWorks PG-13
Executioners Action 100 min Michelle Yeoh Tai Seng Video Not Rated
Exorcist -the Beginning Horror 113 min Stellan Skarsgard Warner Home Video R
Extreme Impact Action 100 min Not Listed Madacy Not Rated
Extreme Justice Action 96 min Lou Diamond Phillips Trimark R
Fallen       Laser Disk  
Family of Cops Action 90 min Charles Bronson Trimark PG-13
Fantastic 4 Sci-Fi 106 min Jessica Alba - Ioan Gruffudd 20th Century PG-13
Fat Albert kids 93 min Kenan Thompson 20th Century PG
Fear Horror 97 min Mark Wahlbert-Reese Witherspoon Universal R
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Drama 119 min Johnny Depp Universal R
Fear of Loathing in Las Vegas Drama 119 min Johnny Depp-Benicio Del Toro Universal R
Fearless Hyena Action 94 min Jackie Chan Alpha Film Not Rated
Field of Dreams Drama 106 min Kevin Costner Universal PG
Field of Dreams       Laser Disk  
Fierce Creatures Comedy 94 min Kevin Kline-Jamie Lee Curtis Universal PG-13
Fight Club Drama 139 min Brad Pitt 20th Century Not Rated
Fin, Feathers & Fur kids 25 min   Woodhaven Not Rated
Final Destination 2 Horror 91 min   New Line Home Video R
Finding Nemo Cartoon 100 min   Walt Disney G
Fire Down Below Action 105 min Steven Seagal Warner Home Video R
Firefox       Laser Disk  
Firestarter Sci-Fi 115 min David Keith Universal R
First Knight Drama 133 min Sean Connery Columbia Tristar PG-13
First Man into Space Sci-Fi 78 min Marshall Thompson Image Entertainment Not Rated
First Strike       Laser Disk  
Flash Gordon Sci-Fi 111 min Sam J. Jones Universal PG
Flatliners Drama/Sci-Fi 114 min Kiefer Sutherland Columbia Tristar R
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance Musical 106 min Fleetwood Mac   G
Fletch       Laser Disk  
Flight of the Phoenix Action 113 min Dennis Quaid 20th Century PG-13
Flight Plan Thriller 98 min Jodie Foster Touchstone PG-13
Flix the Cat Cartoon 61 min Flix DigiView G
Flubber Kids 94 min Robin Williams Walt Disney PG
Fly Away Home kids 107 min Jeff Daniels Columbia Tristar PG
Foldier of Fortune, Inc. Action 98 min Brad Johnson Platinum R
Fools Rush In Drama/Love 109 min Matthew Perry-Salma Hayek Columbia Tristar PG-13
For a Few Dollars More       Laser Disk  
For Richer or Poorer Comedy 116 min Tim Allen-Kirstie Alley Universal PG-13
For Your Eyes Only       Laser Disk  
Forbidden Planet Sci-Fi 98 min Walter Pidgeon-Leslie Nielsen MGM/UA G
Forever Young Drama/Love 102 min Mel Gibson Warner Home Video PG
Four Brothers Drama 108 min Mark Wahlberg Paramount R
Frankenstein       Laser Disk  
Freaky Friday kids 97 min Jamie Lee Curtis Walt Disney PG
Freddy vs Jason Horror 98 min   New Line Home Video R
FreeJack Sci-Fi 110 min Emilio Estevez-Mick Jagger Warner Home Video R
Frequency Thriller 119 min Dennis Quaid - Jim Caviezel New Line Home Video PG-13
From Dusk till Dawn Action 108 min Harvey Keitel-George Clooney Dimension R
From Russia with Love Action 115 min Sean Connery MGM/UA PG
Funny Farm Comedy 101 min Chevy Chase Warner Home Video PG
Future Sport Action 90 min Vanessa Williams-Wesley Snipes Columbia Tristar R
G.I. Jane Drama/Action 125 min Demi Moore MGM/UA R
Galaxy Quest Sci-Fi 102 min Tim Allen -Sigourney Weaver DreamWorks PG
Gang Related       Laser Disk  
Garfield, The Movie kids 80 min Breckin Meyer 20th Century PG
Gattaca Sci-Fi 106 min Ethan Hawke-Uma Thurman Columbia Tristar PG-13
Generations       Laser Disk  
George of the Jungle kids 92 min Leslie Mann Walt Disney PG
Get Carter Action 103 min Silvester Stallone Warner Home Video R
Ghost Drama 126 min Patrick Swayze Paramount PG-13
Ghost Ship Horror 91 min   Warner Home Video R
Ghost Watcher Horror 94 min Jillian Byrnes Lions Gate R
Ghostbusters Comedy 107 min Bill Murry/Dan Aykroyd Columbia Tristar PG
Ghostbusters       Laser Disk  
Ghostbusters 2 Comedy/Sci-Fi 108 min Bill Murry/Dan Aykroyd Columbia Tristar PG
Gladiator Action 155 min Russell Crowen Universal R
Gleetwood Mac Musical 106 min Stevie Nicks/John McVie Time Warner Not Rated
Glory Western 117 min Danzel Washington Columbia Tristar R
GodSend Sci-Fi   Greg Kinnear - Robert Deniro Lions Gate PG-13
Godzilla Sci-Fi 139 min Matthew Broderick Columbia Tristar PG-13
Godzilla versus Monster Zero Sci-Fi 95 min Godzilla Simitar Not Rated
Godzilla Versus Mothra Sci-Fi 87 min Godzilla Simitar Not Rated
Godzilla-King of the Monsters Sci-Fi 79 min Godzilla Simitar Not Rated
Godzilla's Revenge Sci-Fi 69 min Godzilla Simitar Not Rated
Godzilla-Terror of Mechagodzilla Sci-Fi 79 min Godzilla Simitar Not Rated
Going Overboard Comedy 97 min Adam Sandler Trimark R
Golden Eye       Laser Disk  
Goldfinger Action 110 min Sean Connery MGM/UA PG
Gone in 60 Seconds Action 118 min Nicolas Cage Touchstone PG-13
Good Boy ! kids 88 min   MGM/UA PG
Good Luck Drama 96 min Gregory Hines - Vincent D'Onofrio Simitar R
Goodluck Drama 96 min Gregory Hines Simitar R
Goofy Movie Cartoon 76 min   Walt Disney G
Gothika Horror 98 min Halle Berry Warner Home Video R
Grand Tour - Disaster in Time       Laser Disk  
Gremlins Sci-fi 106 min Zach Galligan Warner Home Video R
Grid Lock'd Drama 91 min Tim Roth - Tupac Shakur Polygram Video R
GridLock'd Action 91 min Tim Roth-Tupac Shakur PolyGram R
Grosse Pointe Blank Comedy 107 min Minnie Driver-John Cusack Caravan Picture R
Groundhog Day Comedy 101 min Bill Murray Columbia Tristar PG-13
Grumpier Old Men Comedy 101 min Jack Lemmon-Walter Matthau Warner Home Video PG-13
Grumpy Old Men Comedy 104 min Jack Lemmon-Walter Matthau Warner Home Video PG-13
Guarding Tess Comedy 96 min Nicolas Cage-Shirley MacLaine Columbia Tristar PG-13
Guess Who Comedy 105 min Barnie Mac - Ashton Kutcher Columbia Tristar PG-13
Guyver 2 - Dark Hero       Laser Disk  
Habitat Horror 103 min Balthazar Getty-Alice Krige Simitar R
Hackers       Laser Disk  
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu Action Unknown Jackie Chan Alpha Film Not Rated
Half-Baked Comedy 83 min Jim Breuer-Harland Williams Universal R
Half-Baked Comedy 83 min Janeane Garofalo Universal R
Halloween Horror 90 min Jamie Lee Curtis Anchor Bay R
Halloween II Horror 93 min Jamie Lee Curtis Goodtimes R
Halloween III Horror 98 min Tom Atkins Goodtimes Not Rated
Hang'em High       Laser Disk  
Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan Karaoke     Laser Disk  
Hannibal Sci-fi 131 min Anthony Hopkins-Julianne Moore MGM/UA R
Happy Day Parade kids   The Magic Forest Woodhaven Not Rated
Happy Gilmore Comedy 92 min Adam Sandler Universal PG-13
Happy Gilmore       Laser Disk  
Hard Boiled Action 126 min Chow Yun-fat Fox Lorber Not Rated
Hard Rain Action 96 min Morgan Freeman-Christian Slater Paramount R
Hard Target Action 97 min Jean-Claude Van Damme Universal R
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone Fantasy 152 min   Warner Home Video PG
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets kids 161 min   Warner Home Video PG
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Action 142 min   Warner Home Video PG
Hawaiian Tropic Volume 1 Karaoke     Laser Disk  
Heart of Dragon       Laser Disk  
Hellbound/Hellraiser II Horror 108 min Clare Higgins-Ashley Laurence Anchor Bay Not Rated
HellBoy Sci-Fi 122 min   Columbia Tristar PG-13
Hellraiser Horror 118 min Andrew Robinson Anchor Bay R
Herbie - Fully Loaded Comedy 102 min Lindsay Lohan Disney G
Hero action